Overview: Incidental music
Authorship: Healey Willan, Words by William Shakespeare
Composition Date: Composed in 1921.
Scored for: Voice, Clarinet, Horn, Cornet and Strings
Duration: N/A
Number of Pages: N/A
Notes about music: First performed season 1920-21 at Hart House Theatre, Toronto. See also Choral March (HWC626) and Royal Salute (HWC080). This music has its origin in the unfinished March in E (142).
Track Listing:
1. March and one cue for Act I
2. Three cues and song “Hark! hark! the lark” for Act II
3. Two cues for Act III
Holograph: NL of C. Score of March, 3 p. Condensed score of March and first cues of Acts II and III and of song, 6 p. Set of parts.
Publication: N/A
Recordings: N/A
Video: N/A
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  • Scored For: Voice, Clarinet, Horn, Cornet and Strings



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